- she who is deeply connected to herself, the Creative source of all creations that come of her, to her and through her. Endowed with magic, mystic and awe, this everchanging cycle offers endless inspiration.

DIVINE TIMING is an online portal for expression and expansion - by Julia Joy

Born and bred in the Mother City in South Africa, this land is home.

My heritage and lineage splays far and wide, on this land and further, a melting pot of connection.

Being inspired by my own inner worlds has led me to continuously explore, learn and grow.

My desire to express has come a long way - to express in forms of creation in any/all mediums has become a playful, experiential and expansive experience for me. To embody the "Artist" archetype took me a very long time... as I never felt like a master or professional at "art" or "design". But when looking at how I experience art - it is in it's totality. The nuanced amateur, the lover of beauty in all forms. Creativity has become my muse, I am my own muse.

I am a womxn of colour, re-rooting and re-grounding in my body, expanding my place in space. I am constantly evolving and expanding myself with a variety of tools and practices which include: Tarot, Tantra, Conscious Dancing, Ecstatic Dancing, Nature, Art and Magick. I love connecting with womxn in sacred circles and portals.

I have worked in the film industry for 7 years as an all-round creative, researcher, designer & junior producer.

In early 2022, I made the leap of taking my side business to the front of the stage - being committed to my own pursuit of creativity, entrepreneurship and business.

I am here in service of the magic you wish to create. Let's chat...